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Cinematographer.  Animator.  Storyteller.

In September 2010 I began Film School at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. I graduated four years later in May and persued my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres. Over the course of my four years at UWM I grew and gained experience with storytelling, animation, and filmmaking. Working with peers and critiquing one another on our work has helped me grow and learn from my mistakes. While at UWM I also supervised a staff and ran a service desk with University Housing. In the English Language having proper grammar is vital to making sense to the reader. In Film and Video, editing is just like grammar and whether you have proper grammar or proper editing determines if your viewer will be confused or have made sense of your work. Making sure your audience is entertained is very important to me and when I make films. In order to make sure the audience is engaged, I need to generate something new and creative that is different. I am inspired by the directors who worked in the 1970s who risked many films of theirs by trying new techniques. I aspire to try new and creative techniques which benefit my work. This is what I enjoy most about film and why I inspire to be a successful artist.